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Brussels, 16 December 1999

Trade M.2/AJ D(99) usguide-intro.doc

To whom it my concern,

The European Community and the United States of America have concluded an Agreement on Mutual Recognition (MRA) that has as an overriding objective the facilitation of transatlantic trade in certain industrial sectors. In order for industry to take advantage the MRA offers they must be aware and informed of the possibilities it offers. The Commission has therefore contracted GTW Associates to prepare a Guide to the EU-US MRA as a practical handbook for industry. The work they have undertaken to do requires a number of contacts with both U.S. and European organisation in the industry and government sectors. Within GTW Associates, it is Mr. George Willingmyre who is responsible for carrying out the project and he does this with our utmost confidence. Mr. Willinmyre will no doubt have contacted you to obtain information for this project and I hope that you will be able to assist him in any way possible. I would like to thank you in advance for your kind co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

R.M. Petriccione
Head of Unit