Suppliers Declaration principles in fulfilling US Regulatory responsibilities


Officials from the Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments;  Consumer Product Safety Commission; and  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discuss  use of Suppliers Declaration principles in fulfilling US Regulatory responsibilities during December 3 Panel at NIST hosted Conference  "Conformity Assessment for a Changing Environment"

Roberta Breden (not pictured), Director Technical Regulatory Affairs, Telecommunications Industry Association and moderator for the panel introduced the topic, "Our panel will discuss three different sector approaches to suppliers declaration of conformity"

From Left to Right:

Rebecca MacPherson, Attorney Advisor, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  "So, self certification does allow us to fulfill our mandate in a manner that would be impossible if in fact we were doing the certification ourself."

Eric Stone, Director, Legal Division, Office of Compliance, Consumer Product Safety Administration, "Early in the Agency's history...certification requirements frequently  just were a piece of paper that did not say much  and we developed that and I am  going to talk about that in  a couple of examples  a little bit further  ...essentially a certificate should..."

Timothy Jeffries, Director, Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments, "The actual supplier or responsible party is able to self certify this equipment..."

See also  Legal and Marketplace Incentives for Suppliers Declaration of Conformity April, 2000

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