OECD to revise 2000 Guidelines for Multinatonal Enterprises  Roles of National Contact Points under Review

 The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is  updating the 2000 Guidelines  for multinational enterprises.  The 2000 Guidelines  for multinational enterprises    were adopted by the governments of 30 OECD countries and Argentina, Brazil and Chile  in Paris on 27 June 2000. An example of the use of the Guidelines by a government to encourage private sector businesses to incorporate the guidelines is this example from 2001 in France.  

The 2010 Revision  will include recommendations by governments covering all major areas of business ethics, including corporate steps to obey the law, observe internationally-recognised standards and respond to other societal expectations.  On 30 June 2010 the Launch of the update began in earnest at the 10th Roundtable on corporate responsibility.  The overall  revision is under the direction of the OECD  Investment Committee.  A new chapter  VII on Consumer Interests is under consideration by the  DIRECTORATE FOR SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND INDUSTRY  Committee on Consumer Policy.

GTW advises  parties interested  in the substance of the proposed revisions  to consult with their  relevant  trade associations or  processes for representing national interests in the work of the OECD Consumer Policy and Investment Committees.



   MNE Guidelines: Scope of the review of Chapter VII


“The update should consider whether Chapter VII on Consumer Interests needs to extend beyond health and safety to address other consumer concerns such as financial education, supply chain management and sustainability issues. This reflection should be conducted in close co-operation with the Committee on Financial Markets and the Committee on Consumer Policy.”


Source: Terms of Reference for an Update of the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises [DAF/INV/(2010)5/FINAL].



A closely related matter is the process to be employed  at each country as national contact point to implement and receive complaints about company behavior. The  Department of State convened a public meeting  November  2  concerning the Administration’s review of the  National Contact point in the United States  for  the  OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.  Docket DOS 2010-0401 contains the September 22 Federal Register announcement of the November 2 meeting and a request for further comments.  The Docket DOS 2010-0401 also contains all submitted public comments.  GTW Associates  filed comments on November 5

A very helpful resource has been created by the Baseswiki Organization.  The site  sets out general information about  many of the current  OECD National Contact Points ("NCPs"), which can handle complaints about companies' compliance with the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.


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