A jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled   that Rambus committed fraud against Infineon by failing to properly disclose patent information when required by an industry standards body. The jury awarded Infineon $3.5 million. But Judge Robert Payne is likely to reduce the award to $350,000 to conform with state law, according to reports from the trial. Infineon had sought $105 million.  http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1003-200-5878071.html?tag=mn_hd

A federal Jury found  Rambus Inc. guilty of fraud with regard to its participation in a technology standard-setting group.

A Hot Stock's Dirty Secret Remember when chip company Rambus was the talk of CNBC? Now it's been laid low--by its own duplicity and greed.  FORTUNE Monday, July 9, 2001 By Nicholas Varchaver Was Rambus' goal to monopolize the entire DRAM industry? Or was the company just seeking to raise the costs of using SDRAM as a way to force people to use Rambus technology? Industry observers differ. But they do agree on one thing: The Rambus campaign was an act of unparalleled hubris. The company was profitable, but that wasn't enough. Says one chip executive: "They got greedy." http://www.fortune.com/indexw.jhtml?channel=artcol.jhtml&doc_id=203141


Papers Reveal Secret Rambus Scheme Newly released evidence reignites debate over the "JEDEC Trial"

Link to a 7.5 mByte file of documents the court has made public 

The high profile of the Rambus case has monopolized media attention, but other JEDEC-related cases are brewing. Fountain Valley Calif.-based Kingston Technology Co. Inc. accused Sun Microsystems Inc. (nasdaq: SUNW), based in Palo Alto, Calif., of similar abuses of the JEDEC standard-setting process after Sun launched a memory module patent suit against Kingston.

January 22  No Consortium Here

 Rambus Case Raises Concerns

Did Rambus violate antitrust laws?

 Infineon Turns Tables on Rambus By Steven Fyffe, Electronic News

 DRAM Face-Off: Hyundai, Micron Sue Rambus

DRAM industry considers lodging FTC antitrust complaint against Rambus By Jack Robertson


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