The ANSI Committee on Education and the  APEC Subcommittee on Standards and Conformance’s Project Advisory Group on Education convened the conference  “Opportunities and Challenges for Education on Standardization in Universities” February 29 in Washington DC. 


This 7th meeting was prepared as a joint workshop between APEC SCSC PAGE and the ANSI Committee on Education This workshop was co-chaired by Korea (Mr. Donggeun Choi, KSA) and the US (Mr. Erik Puskar, NIST) This workshop lunch and reception was sponsored by ANSI, UL, Qualcomm, Microsoft

The APEC SCSC web site for this Conference is where some of the links below  have been obtained


The event included a keynote addresses  by ANSI  President and CEO Joe Bhatia and   NIST Director Patrick Gallagher.

The agenda included panels on:

Panel 1: Voices of Industry, Government and University: Why             Standards Education Now? Panel_01(3).zip

Panel 2: Mechanics of Developing a University Level Standards Education Program  Panel_02(2).zip

Panel 3: Opportunities and Challenges in Standards Education  Panel_03(2).zip

Panel 4:  Standards are Vital: Business, Legal, and Policy Implications and Knowledge Transfer Panel_04(2).zip 

Concluding Remarks

Reception Hosted by Qualcomm, Microsoft, ANSI,  and UL Meeting presentations


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