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The ANSI Board of Standards Review (BSR) communicated  its denial of  George Willingmyre's May 24, 2018  request to ANSI to withdraw 5 American National Standard (ANS) that contained in   Willingmyre's opinion that 5 ANS did not meet the ANSI patent policy (the Willingmyre request  included links to "negative" LOAs for the 5 ANS). The ANSI BSR decision September 4, 2018   was that Willingmyre was not a "materially interested party" and therefore does not have standing to pursue the withdrawal.  Willingmyre appealed the BSR  decision to the ANSI   Appeals Board on October 4  but ANSI rejected Willingmyre's request for  a filing fee waiver for the  appeal on October 5  stating that the  Willingmyre request  did not "not include sufficent evidence of hardship."   The ANSI rejection did allow for Willingmyre to pay the filing fee by 5 pm on October 5, but Willingmyre replied he could not. 

GTW  Associates President Willingmyre delivers presentations  on standards policy for numerous organizations 
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GTW  Associates President Willingmyre writes papers on standards policy for numerous publications.  Most are made publically  available at SSRN

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GTW President  Willingmyre presented "Cooperation between Patent Offices and Standards Developing Organizations" at  the  Symposium on Management of Intellectual Property in Standard-Setting Processes sponsored by the National Academies, 2012 in Washington DC

GTW President Willingmyre prepared Chapter 3 Standard Setting Bodies - Organization and Governance for the book Patents and Standards published  recently by the American Intellectual Property Law Association

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