UN/CEFACT Global Meeting of Experts (GME) 

The UN/CEFACT convened a Global Meeting of Experts (GME) on Trade Facilitation Recommendations and Electronic Business Standards      in  McLean , Virginia ,28 March – 1 April 2011    The object was to progress UN/CEFACT’s programme of work and to engage in discussions concerning re-organisation topics. The meeting was hosted by the US delegation to UN/CEFACT and organized by the Forum Management Group (FMG) together with LMI.  

The UNCEFACT IP policy states: 

In order to promote the widest adoption of Specifications, UN/CEFACT seeks to issue Specifications that can generally be implemented without fees or restrictions. Subject to the conditions of this IPR Policy (the “Policy”), UN/CEFACT will generally not approve a Specification if it is aware that Essential Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) exist that are not available without fees or restrictions.

A major part of the week was devoted to further developing the “Way Forward” for UN/CEFACT which had been first presented at the last Plenary in December 2010. Slide 7 of 42 Way Forward Document illustrates transiton

Ensuring Continuity of Domains and Domain Leadership


Three initiatives associated with the new formal framework will foster continuity in the critical role of experts, domains and domain leadership as well as providing greater transparency of participation and contacts to encourage greater awareness about UN/CEFACT developments:



UN/CEFACT Roster of Volunteer Domain Experts
List of UN/CEFACT Domains and Domain Expert Advisers
Plenary Bureau Coordination Support

Progress was made  clarifying the project-oriented management structure proposed by the Plenary Bureau in December and approved by Heads of Delegation on 28 March 2011  

Participants obtained a better understanding of the scope, role and responsibilities of the proposed Programme Development Areas (PDAs) to facilitate defining and implementing the UN/CEFACT Programme of Work was achieved.


A meeting was held concerning the draft  Recommendation No. 37 : Signed Digital Evidence Interoperability Recommendation   During the intersessional approval process the Canadian, Russian and US delegations had requested more time for review or made substantive or procedural comments. Invitations were extended to those delegations to participate in the project team meeting in McLean to discuss their concerns. Legal experts from the US State Department and the American Bar Association attended, and experts from UNCITRAL participated in the meeting by conference call. Some further drafting is now taking place and a revised draft will be submitted to the Plenary in July for approval.

The next CEFACT  plenary session  will be July 7 -8 in Geneva


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