Excerpts of the  paragraph 7.7.2 Patents from 


A standard for standards

Part 1: Development of standards



7.7.2 Patents

The responsible Technical Committee or Subcommittee shall be

informed of the following:

a) any patent that is thought by any committee member to be relevant

to the standard under development; and

b) any claim that a patent is applicable to a standard, whether the

standard has been published or is under development. 

BSI shall work with the Technical Committee or Subcommittee to agree the

best way to address such a claim.

A note, drawing attention to such patent rights that are known at the

time of publication, shall appear at the appropriate point in the


Material that is known to be the subject of a patent shall only be

included in a standard of national origin if it is absolutely necessary to

do so, and then the material shall not become a requirement unless the

patent holder agrees to make the material available on reasonable and

accessible and non-discriminatory terms.

For international/European standards adopted as national standards,

the rules of the relevant international body governing the inclusion of

patented material shall be followed.



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