Correspondence in 1968 Concerning the IBM transfer of "PL/I Language Specifications" and "Fortran" to a voluntary standards committee

April 4, 1968  "I enclose a document entitled "PL/I Specifications" issued March 11, 1968 which I wish to formally submit for your consideration as a basis for a draft PL/I Standard ... The document is to be wholly under the control of the standardization bodies and will not be subject to unilateral amendment by the IBM Corporation"

April 20, 1968  "Attached is a manual entitled "Description of the FORTRAN Language" which is submitted to X3.4 Common Programming Languages Subcommittee of the American Standards Association Sectional Committee X3 on Data Processing... While IBM, has of course, no objection to the use of the name FORTRAN in material published by the X3.4 Committee we do request that credit be given to IBM with proper notice for material copied from our Copyrighted manuals." 




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