DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE National Institute of Standards and Technology 15 CFR Part 287

Guidance on Federal Conformity Assessment Activities



AGENCY:   National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Commerce.  ACTION:   Final policy guidance.

Text published in US Federal Register of August 10, 2000


SUMMARY:   This document contains final policy guidance on Federal agency use of conformity assessment activities. The provisions are solely intended to be used as guidance for agencies in their conformity assessment activities and do not preempt the agencies' authority and responsibility to make regulatory procurement decisions authorized by statute or required to meet programmatic objectives and requirements.

DATES:   This guidance becomes effective August 10, 2000.


This guidance outlines Federal agencies' responsibility for evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of their conformity assessment activities. Each agency is responsible for coordinating its conformity assessment activities with those of other appropriate government agencies and with those of the private sector to make more productive use of the increasingly limited Federal resources available for the conduct of conformity assessment activities and to reduce unnecessary duplication.

This guidance applies to all agencies, which set policy for, manage, operate, or use conformity assessment activities and results, both domestic and international, except for activities carried out pursuant to treaties. ``Agency'' means any Executive Branch Department, independent commission, board, bureau, office, agency, government-owned or controlled corporation, or other establishment of the Federal government. It also includes any regulatory commission or board, except for independent regulatory commissions subject to separate statutory requirements regarding policy setting, management, operation, and use of conformity assessment activities. It does not include the legislative or judicial branches of the Federal government.


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