Research Publications from Study "Rule-Bound and Autonomous: Specifying the Conditions for the Successful Implementation of the Worldwide Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9000" (supported in part from a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Decision, Risk Analysis, and Management Division (SES-9905604)) 

Professor John Anderson, Carlson School of Managment, University of Minnesota  and GTW Associates President George Willingmyre coordinate case study work with  ANSI and Industry Cooperation for Standards and Conformity Assessment (ICSCA) industry members 

Study Results by 

Alfred Marcus, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota Eitan Naveh, Technion Israel Institute of Technology

WHEN DOES ISO 9000 CERTIFICATION MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Presentation at ICSCA task group meeting June 24 and ANSI CMF meeting June 24, 2002

The Effect of ISO 9000 on Operational & Environmental Performance: Is There One? By Ann Terlaak  Bren School of Env. Science & Management  University of California Santa Barbara

Implementing A Managerial Practice: Advantage to First and Second Movers

Absorption of New Organizational Rules: How Are the New Rules Adjusted to Context?

Implementation of A Management Practice: Assimilation and Going Beyond

Implementation of the ISO 9000 Quality Standard:  How A New Rule Is Adjusted to Context

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