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The World Intellectual Property Rights Organization Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP)  is preparing a paper on patents and standards for discussion at their next meeting February 2009.  On behalf of the  Institute for Trade Standards and Sustainable Development (ITSSD) from whom WIPO has requested comments, GTW President Willingmyre solicits advice on the standards section of a report on the International Patent system reviewed at the June 2008 meeting of the SCP.

Copyright of standards and codes referenced in US Laws and Regulations will be contested in 2008  Recently the organization Public.Resource.Org  purchased the official codes and regulations from a number of US cities and states   scanned them to create .pdf files and loaded the scanned files to the web. There is no clear path forward except [in the opinion of the author] inevitable  litigation revisiting the public policy implications and  legal questions involved. The stakes are considerable.

A sea change is occurring in US regulatory treatment of imported products based on use of accredited private sector third party certification programs.   The changes are  directly attributable to the food and toy imported product problems in the US in 2007. 

The American Antitrust Institute petitioned the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  April 26, 2008  to Investigate Rembrandt for Anticompetitive Conduct That Threatens Digital Television Conversion in the United States

January 23, 2008 the FTC  requested public comments on its complaint and proposed settlement with  N-data.     On September  23  the FTC made available  the final  Decision and Order  with substantially no changes to that proposed in January.

GTW Associates President Willingmyre presented "The stakes within diverse global policy deliberations concerning treatment of Intellectual Property related to standards-setting"  at the April 2008 joint meetings of the ANSI Company Member Forum and the Industry Cooperation on standards and conformity Assessment 

GTW Associates has completed two proprietary client reports in 2008: Coordination of US Government standards-related Activities in the United States Proprietary report 2008 and ANSI activities related to Intellectual Property Rights in standards setting  Proprietary Report 2008


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