Insight Volume 11 Num 2  July 2009    International  standards and trade policy  strategic developments. 

The World Intellectual Property Rights Organization Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP)  discussed a paper on patents and standards during meetings March 23-27, 2009

In March GTW Associates suggested that   the Obama White House Office of Management and Budget use  the potential of the voluntary standards community to assist in achieving the goals of the new administration.  Willingmyre wrote that  the positive contributions  of standards deserve recognition in revisions to President Clintonís Executive Order 12,866  on Regulatory Planning and Review.   Executive Order 12866 Regulatory Planning and Review  creates incentives for federal agencies to take account of private sector initiatives such as standards to solve problems.

George T. Willingmyre P.E. as Special Advisor to the International Federation of Standards Users IFAN  presented Selected Strategic Global Standards Policy issues of concern to the International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN)   at the ANSI Company Member Forum March 12.

On July 24, the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration and the National Association of Manufacturers will host an event in  Washington  on the U.S. voluntary standards system including such   standards as they  relate to crucial areas of technology such as Smart Grid, healthcare IT and cybersecurity.  

In April, GTW Associates commented to FCC on a  petition by the   Coalition United to Terminate Financial Abuses for Television Transmissionís (CUTT FATT) Petition For Rulemaking GTW suggested that  the Commission  consider how  previous rulemaking related to patents in the applicable rule making procedure apply or do not apply to the Petition and whether there is need to clarify the  applicability of the 1961 era Revised Patent Procedures of the Federal Communications  Commission  3 F.C.C. 2d.

GTW Associates commented June 30 on National Survey Questions of US Standards Policies: Given the impact of Globalization, is there a need to change current United States policies for development of private-sector technology standards? ... should the United States increase its support for U.S. standards education programs in order to maintain or enhance its competitive position in the global marketplace

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