Presentation and Background materials   

"Value of Management Systems Certification"   

10th International Conference of Standards Users World Trade and Standardization September 28, 2001 Berlin

Power point presentation (5MByte)

Text of Presentation of the slides by Guido Guertler, Siemens Corporate Standardization and Regulation

Audio clip "One could say that, maybe, QS9000 was a causal factor here,...

GTW excerpted and presented certain cost and benefit data   from " ISO 9000  Survey  99 An analytical Tool to Assess the Costs, Benefits and Savings of ISO 9000 Registration"  

Research Publications from Study "Rule-Bound and Autonomous: Specifying the Conditions for the Successful Implementation of the Worldwide Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9000 (supported in part from a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Decision, Risk Analysis, and Management Division (SES-9905604)

implementing A Managerial Practice: Advantage to First and Second Movers

Absorption of New Organizational Rules: How Are the New Rules Adjusted to Context?

Implementation of A Management Practice: Assimilation and Going Beyond

Implementation of the ISO 9000 Quality Standard:  How A New Rule Is Adjusted to Context



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