Standards & Conformance for Productivity & Market Acceptance  FOR THE SINGAPORE PRODUCTIVITY AND STANDARD BOARD 

December 1997 


The purpose of the Project was to support the Singapore Productivity & Standards Board (PSB's) strategic thrusts to improve market access and improve quality and productivity of Singapore products and services through standardization.  PSB specifically requested recommendations for the Conformity Assessment infrastructure needed in Singapore and with whom PSB should network with in the US to assist local industry meet testing and certification requirements in the US and Global markets. PSB also requested advice on national strategies for Mutual Recognition Agreements as tools for promoting the acceptance of Singapore exports in global markets


 Over the course of the two weeks on site in Singapore, GTW Associates participated in 21 meetings, conferences and round table discussions.  GTW Associates met with both Singapore government officials and with representatives of the private sector.  Based on the information collected in the meetings and conferences, GTW Associates prepared PRINCIPAL FINDINGS summarized below and detailed in section III of the report and RECOMMENDATIONS  responsive to the PSB objectives for the project.


Singapore has an open entrepreneurial economy with strong service and manufacturing sectors and excellent international trading links.  Singapore's national Conformity Assessment infrastructure on absolute terms is on a par with those in developed economies and in relative terms is highly advanced with respect to the supporting economic base. Singapore's national standards infrastructure and participation in International standards organizations is sophisticated with respect to its supporting economic base. PSB is providing useful Conformity Assessment (CA) services to the Singapore industrial base, but there are demands for additional capacity and the services may be under utilized because of lack of awareness on the part of potential industrial users. Singapore Regulatory requirements are relatively business friendly; do not present non-tariff barriers to trade; represent candidates for Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) with counterpart regulatory systems in other markets; and present opportunities for greater Singapore national use of Global trends towards Suppliers Declaration of conformity. Singapore's industrial base of exporters do not appear to encounter significant "non-tariff barriers to trade" as defined by the World Trade Organization, but have unmet needs for information and assistance in meeting foreign national standards and technical regulations. Singapore's national standards and conformity assessment infrastructures face  competitive challenges in the global community of such national services from those economies that have a broader industrial and consumer base that supports "critical masses" of national resources and capital investments in standards and conformity assessment.








D        TABD Committee on Standardization         and Conformity Assessment Framework Document on Conformity Assessment

E        Summary Report  U.S.-ASEAN Alliance for Mutual   Growth (AMG) Standards Delegation, July 1996  


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