Typical GTW Associates Projects

GTW Associates counseled  the American Hotel and Motel Association on standards protocol, intellectual property rights policy and protection, and  administration of the Hospitality Industry Technology Integration Standards (HITIS) committee.  

GTW Associates completed research projects  for the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Automotive Lift Institute.  See INVESTIGATIVE REPORT FOR AUTOMOTIVE LIFT INSTITUTE, INC.

GTW Associates supports the standards programs of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association and the Association for Challenge Course Technologies

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization  annually requests  GTW Associates’ assessment of   Current Developments in US Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy 

GTW has counseled industrial clients such as  Daimler-Chrysler; Intel; Micron; Microsoft; and Sensormatic on national and international standards and conformity assessment policy  and competitive strategies.     

The Royal Thai Embassy and the Thailand Industrial Standards Institute contracted with GTW Associates to  prepare manuals and organize workshops on standard and regulations  appropriate to increase trade between the United States and Thailand

Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. engaged  GTW  Associates  to survey current US policy and practice associated with Intellectual Property rights in standards development. 

GTW Associates President Willingmyre  served as an expert witness for Shook Hardy & Bacon in connection with a patent litigation matter that was successfully resolved on terms favorable to the  client.  Willingmyre was retained in the matter to address issues related to standards setting and the patent policies of the IETF and the Telecommunications Standards Bureau of the ITU

Mr Willingmyre is "Special Advisor to the International Federation of Standards Users"  Mr Willingmyre supports the IFWG19 on Intellectual Property and Standards

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) contracted with GTW to track and report  US federal register notices related to standards.

GTW examined Potential for International Co-operation and Reduction of Trade Barriers arising from Technical Requirements and Conformity Assessment procedures in the Telecommunications Sector   for the OECD Trade Committee. 

GTW completed  a  report  “Service Standardization in the United States"  and presented the findings  "Service Standards in the United States"  at the  Conference "Services Standards for Global Markets" in Berlin for the German National Standards Organization DIN

The European Commission engaged GTW Associates to complete a "Guide to the US/EU MRA."    The report Doing business in the United States of America Facilitating conformity assessment Guide to the mutual recognition agreement between the European Community and the United States of America March 200is available on the DG Trade Web site

GTW Associates partnered  with  Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc and MTA Japan  in a European Commission-funded project to complete a practical guide to the Mutual recognition Agreement between the European Community and Japan  

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization requested GTW to report on "Current Developments in standards related to fuel cells and delivery of hydrogen"   

The Asian Productivity Organization Selected GTW Associates to assist The Singapore Productivity & Standards Board (PSB) on Standards & Conformance for Productivity & Market Acceptance.   See Standards & Conformance for Productivity & Market Acceptance  FOR THE SINGAPORE PRODUCTIVITY AND STANDARD BOARD  December, 1997.  

The International Development Center of Japan  (IDCJ) selected GTW Associates  to survey and report on laboratory accreditation activities in the United States and Europe.  See Considerations in a National Approach to Laboratory Accreditation, January, 1998.  

The Japan Standards Association (JSA) contracted with GTW Associates   to collect information concerning Conformity Assessment Organizations in the North American Marketplace: Canada; Mexico; and the United States.   See Product Certification, Testing Laboratories, Personnel Certification and   their Accreditation Status in the North American Marketplace and Investigation regarding conformity assessment in the U.S.A. including laboratory accreditation and  self-declaration  March 1999.

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