GTW Associates and Valley View Corporation announce strategic cooperation 


GTW Associates ( GTW ) and Valley View Corporation ( VVC ), have agreed to cooperate on selected projects for the mutual benefit of both organizationís clients.  Both GTW and VVC monitor many of the same areas for their clients, and in selected topic or project areas they have agreed to share information, current events, and market intelligence to produce a more robust information resource.


Dan Bart is the President and CEO , Valley View Corporation, a consulting firm to the Information, Communications, and Entertainment (ICE) Sector.  Mr. Bart founded Valley View Corporation more than 20 years ago.  He is also the former Chief Technology Officer ( CTO ) and Advisor to the TIA President, and was its Senior Vice President, Standards and Special Projects, Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

Mr. Bart currently consults on Strategic Standardization Management, Homeland Security, National Security/Emergency Preparedness, Standards Processes, Technology trends, Intellectual Property Rights, Privacy, and other issues for the Information, Communications, and Entertainment (ICE) Sector.  Strategic standardization management is a management discipline that investigates all aspects of standardization across a business, organization, industry, or agency.  It then defines, recommends, and implements appropriate strategies and policies that can give a company or organization the competitive advantage, or avoid competitive disadvantage including in the area of procurements by government agencies and educational institutions. 



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